Online Training Sessions

Are you a Road, TT or Triathlon Cyclist? Do You Want to Make Fitter = Faster?

With the outbreak of COVID19 in the UK & national lockdown, Rideabout introduces a new service.

The aim of these online sessions is to get you into an aerodynamic position and apply more power to the pedals.

Using webcams through Zoom I can monitor your position and movement during the session and give you feedback.

The sessions are designed to challenge coordination/technique and build race specific fitness, by working at range of speeds, resistance and intensity. This will help to you to apply power to the pedals more effectively when its needed most.

These sessions are hosted through Zoom meetings, this is a really useful tool for observing movement, from multiple angles during training.

Hardware Setup

This is the ideal setup which will help you to get the most out of the session.

  • Phone with front camera & handsfree headset
  • Computer webcam or Tablet as side camera

You cant connect more than one camera via one device, or two of the same type of device.

Noise cancellation is good, but without a handsfree headset its conversation is difficult.

Please be aware that this is a group training session and other participants will be able to see you during the session.

Book on Sessions

Please select time slots below, discounts are available for multiple bookings of up to 4 number.

The schedule for the sessions is as follows:

  • 7.30am Tues- Sprint starts & strength
  • 8.30am Tues – Speed and position
  • 7.30am Thurs – Speed and position
  • 8.30am Thurs – Sprint starts & strength
  • 9.30am Sat – Fitter & faster – race specific endurance
  • 10.30am Sat – Fitter & faster – race specific endurance



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