Training for Road Racing, TTs and Sportifs

Road racing is a highly demanding tactical event and time trialling requires precise technical preparation. Accross all road events physical endurance is key.

1-2-1 coaching with Rideabout will ensure you receive the most effective guidance in order to prepare for your event. We are highly experienced in coaching riders for road events all the way from beginners to riders competing in Elite National level races.

These are some of the key areas we help riders in preparing:

  • Effective training - train in a way that maximises the gains with the time you have available.
  • Tactics - Tactical awareness and skill is essential in order to exploit your physical abilities in race scenarios.

  • Recovery - Appropriate training scheduling, sleep and wellness, will ensure recovery results in supercompensation
  • Nutrition - Endurance training comes with a high physiological stress and you need the right foods to eat the right food in the right amounts to overeach.
  • Realistic goal setting - We will help you set progressive goals that are realistic for your time committments.
  • Technical preparation - while some innovative technology can come at a high cost, knowledge is free. We have up to date knowledge to help you select and use equipment effectively.
Whats the coaching process?
  1. Initial Consultation – understand your motivation, strengths and weaknesses
  2. Set Performance Benchmarks/Objectives
  3. Deliver Training Guidance
  4. Evaluate Progress

Performance coaching is usually delivered using Training Peaks online platform, with face to face coaching support when required, as per the package selected.

What technology and analysis do you use?

First of all, dont feel you need to go out there and buy a powermeter or other fancy monitoring kit. Michael is from a science background so is more than capable of using various monitoring and analysis tools, such as Training Peaks WKO5 suite and HRV data analysis.

However, for most riders who haven’t been coached before, they will make the most progress in their fitness by training consistently and working on appropriate challenges for their discipline.

Often the simplest tools are the best!



Advanced Coaching Package £115/month

This package is for athletes who want a high level of support and guidance in order to reach discipline specific goals. We will work through one or two key objectives at a time progressing in a measureable way.

  • weekly training plan via Training Peaks or Email
  • weekly training feedback
  • Analysis of data and/or technique videos
  • Regular monitoring of objectives
  • Unlimited coach contact via email/phone/Whatsapp/text
  • Changes made to plans as required

Enhanced Coaching Package £155/month

This package is for athletes who want the most extensive coach support in order reach the top.

The package includes all the elements of Advanced Coaching. In addition to this, one of the following per month:

  • 1hr bike fit session
  • 1.5hr training session
  • Wattbike performance benchmark
  • Race attendance

Basic Training Package and Mentoring £65/month

This package is ideal for riders who are new to cycling training, and want to improve their cycling fitness in general terms, or for a more experienced rider who wants another point of view on their event preparation.

  • Bi-monthly training plan, with monitoring of rider feedback monthly.
  • or fortnightly feedback and discussion via phone or email

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