Training for MTB Enduro, Downhill and Cross Country

Training for Mountain Biking places specific demands on riders.  Between the different MTB disciplines there are very different physiological and tactical demands, however in all of them technical ability and physical robustness is highly important.

  • XC Racing places a high demand on aerobic & muscular endurance, whilst also requiring efficient movement throughout the whole body.
  • Enduro racing at a beginner to intermediate requires a high level skill riding a variety of trails, and a solid aerobic base. As riders progress onto a advanced level, more demand is placed on Muscular Endurance & Recovery.
  • As with Enduro, DH requires a very high level of skill just to reach an intermediate level. With races being shorter the physical demands are focused around, Muscular Endurance, Power & Speed.
  • In all these disciplines a high level of robustness is required. This means reducing the risk of injury & ensuring riders have good movement patterns

These coaching packages have been put together specifically for mountain bikers, bearing in mind the importance of bike skills and off-the-bike strength training. They have been designed for typical riders as a guide of what  support we can offer within the price range.However, we can adapt these packages depending on your needs.

Strength & Conditioning

Strength & conditioning training is a great way to improve Fundamental Movement Skills, Power, Robustness. You dont need expensive equipment or access to the gym to benefit from a strength plan. Many riders can make significant improvement with just body weight exercises.

*Strength plans are included for all packages. But riders are required to take part in a minimum of one face to face screening session to ensure the suitability & safety of the strength plan. This costs £50 per session in addition to the cost of the plan, for Bronze & Silver, but is included in the cost of Gold. This can be carried out online for distance customers.

Please take some time to peruse the packages and below and feel free to contact us if you have any questions.



Per Month

  • Training Plan in 2 Week Blocks
  • 1 Custom Session per week
  • Fortnightly Training Review
  • Basic Strength Plan
  • Plan Updates Changes
  • Session Feedback Analysis

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Per Month
  • All elements of Advanced
  • Monthly Face to Face Coaching/Testing/Training Session
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Payment & Terms

You can purchase your first months training using the link above or by contacting us at

Coaching is paid on a rolling 1 month rolling basis at the start of each month and there are no cancellation fees if you dont want to continue.

Full terms and conditions can be found here: terms and conditions