Library Introduction

Michael Guilford Coaching, library

The aim of my library is to present some useful, interesting and unique insights, into cycling and coaching in my blog articles delve into topics such as:

  • Physiological/Tactical demands which apply to most competitive cyclists. How to identify and train for them, for any cycling discipline
  • Detailed  event demands for MTB XC, DH & Enduro & road/circuit racing
  • Developing higher level tactics and psychology
  • Strength & Coordination training

I also discuss  coaching specific topics such as:

  • Behaviour, emotional intelligence & psychology
  • Progressive development of performance, through goal setting & evaluation
  • How the mental/psychology/neurology is connected with physiology.
  • Purposeful practice in cycling
  • Tools for coaching endurance cycling

The information in these articles is based on my own cycling experience, coaching reflections, and reading of research papers and books (see My Bookshelf)

I have categorised the articles based on separate hierarchies for riders & coaches. Click on ‘Core, Level 1, 2 & 3’ to see what topics are covered in each. Click on the levels on the sidebar on the left to see relevant articles.



• Basic observation skills for technical & physical ability • Basic coaching tools and methods for varied groups
• Basic analysis of technique & physiology with respect to discipline demands • Basic coaching tools applicable to specific groups of riders • Basic knowledge of personal characteristics of riders
  • Basic understanding of the demands of competition
  • Basic tools and methods for coaching individuals
  • Advanced coaching tools applicable to specific groups of riders
  • Advanced knowledge of personal characteristics of riders
  • Advanced understanding of the demands of high level competition
  • Advanced tools for coaching individuals & groups
  • Advanced understanding of how coaching tools can be adapted for personal characteristics

Athletes / Cyclists

  • Non-discipline specific technique & fitness
  • Fundamental movement skills & strength
  • Able to learn
  • Discipline specific techniques & fitness
  • Advanced non-discipline specific cycling techniques
  • Able to train
  • Basic level race specific technique, tactics, and psychology
  • Advanced level of discipline specific technique & fitness
  • Able to race
  • Self motivated training and learning
  • Career specific plan
  • Able to peak
  • Advanced level of race specific technique, tactics, psychology and fitness
  • Self managed  & disciplined

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