Looking back, Looking Forward 2018/2019

Michael Guilford Coaching, Diary

Looking back on 2018, I have seen great progress with the riders I have worked with: from youth riders doing their first race, to a young rider taking on the big challenge of racing abroad, masters and vets moving up categories for the first time, riders winning races for the first time…
The projects I have created and worked with:
I started Mudclub in 2016, by the end of 2018 Mudclub was fully booked, with big groups of teenagers coming out in the freezing cold and rain, just because they love riding. I have four amazing volunteers I am working with, local mountain bike groups and parents who support their kids in their mountain biking.
VC Meudon Devo is in its 3rd year and has helped more riders join a racing club and get into racing for the first time. At the beginning of 2018 I organised a 3 day training camp to help prepare the riders for their future racing. Although, this took a lot out me and I vowed never to take on so much responsibility on my own again, it was insightful experience as a coach.
We have secured a new venue so that we can deliver British Cycling talent centre programmes. In 2019 there will be the most junior riders racing for VC Meudon than ever before.
Balance and Ride Rushmoor was started as a collobaration between several coaches with help from Rushmoor Borough Council. It has worked with several hundred 4-6 year olds to get them on bikes for the first time. I have worked with Jools Wotton to establish a structure for the project so that we can bring in more coaches and help more children to learn-to-ride.
For 2019:
I want to see the riders I am working with discover new ways of improving their riding, and achieving the results that they want.
I am hoping to work with even more riders, helping people with different goals and motivations by developing my relationships with riders, my skills and my knowledge.
I want to see the projects I am developing, grow with new volunteers, reaching out to even more young riders from a range of different backgrounds.
Finally, for my own racing. I had a hard year in 2017 & 2018 struggling with hip pain and the stress caused by that. I had surgery to help with it in October, and I have new ways to approach the problem. I am hoping for a more enjoyable year of racing and to see some results from the work i’ve put into my racing