Mountain Bike Skills Coaching

Sheffield & The Peak District

Why do I need mountain bike skills coaching?

Learning to ride a mountain bike takes hours of practice. If you want to reach your maximum potential, coaching will help you to progress quickly. Are you ever surprised at how your technique looks when you see videos or photos of yourself riding? During coaching sessions you will receive feedback on your current technique and an explanation of the technique you are aiming for.

What MTB skills can you coach? In short everything, but here's some examples of how many riders want to improve:

  • I want to feel safer on descents - we will help you to use body position, weight shift and braking effectively in order to negotiate features
  • I want to be able to ride berms faster -  we will teach you to use a dynamic cornering technique  designed to propel you through berms  rather than just rolling through them.
  • I want to be able to jump doubles - we will start by making sure you have perfected jumping technique on table tops. Using Pumping to gain speed on the take off. Once you can do this jumping is just a matter of practice.
What will we do in a MTB skills sessions?
  1. Observe and assess the rider - we will observe you riding specific sections of trail and give you an objective view on your technique.
  2. Listen to feedback - We will listen to how you feel about the technique and what you are struggling with. This will help us to tailor the exercises and instruction for you.
  3. Coach - you will be coached through techniques, using methods best suited to you.
  4. Explain and Summarise - We will give you something solid and memorable to take away from the session. Such as videos, pictures and key coaching points, to help you in your practise.
Why choose Michael Guilford for MTB Skills Coaching?

Michael is an experienced mountain bike skills coach and leader. Having worked with a wide range of riders from beginners to Elite level MTB racers. He is qualified as a British Cycling Level 3 coach and Level 2 MTB Leader.

Wih over 10 years of MTB riding experience in The Peak District, Scotland, England and Wales, both natural and trail centre terrain. Michael has raced the national XC series for 4 years, and placed on the podium in both National and Regional Races.

Coaching Philosophy

At the root of all of Michael's MTB coaching, is an intricate understanding of the components of bike riding ability, and how to help a wide range of people achieve their maximum potential.

His principles of maximum potential in MTB Skill are:

Precision & Control – complete MTB skills to a consistent standard

Physical Strength & Endurance – utilise physical strength to complete the task

Speed – complete skills with agility to increase the pace of your riding

Focus – utilise your mental strength to its full potential

Creativity & Play – try new things and experiment in your riding