Wattbike Coaching Services

A great way to train for riders looking to improve all round fitness.

Improve motivation through intersting objectives.

Receive general guidance on how to train inbetween coached sessions.


Performance Benchmarking

Whats a performance benchmark and why do one?

A test used to measure a riders ability with respect to their goals.

A benchmark can be used to inform training methods, for example the information from a ramp test can be used to set training zones.

Why is a benchmark useful if i have a powermeter?

The information from a benchmark test will make sure you are using the right field tests with your powermeter.

Some tests are difficult to complete by yourself correctly. A coach can glean information from tests which a rider is unaware of, such as breathing, RPE and pedalling steadiness.

Field test vs Wattbike test?

A field test is a test carried out on similar terrain and bike to that you will be racing on. A field test useful in addition to a Wattbike test, when a Wattbike test is carried out Michael will also advise what field tests are appropriate.

Is a test on a Wattbike specific to racing?

Due to the tactical/technical elements of racing, data from races is not usually a repeatable benchmark for physical ability. Alongside a field test a Wattbike test can make a repeatable and race specific benchmark test.

Bike Fitting

Do you need a bike fit?

At any level of ability taking a critical look at you bike setup is key to improving comfort and performance. The ethos behind what we do is that bike fit is something that needs to be worked on and cannot be achieved in one fitting session. One of our key fitting principles is to help to help maintain a record of bike setup. This helps to make logical and justified changes to bike fit over the long term.

What will we do in a bike fit?
  • Listen. What’s the goal of your bike fit? Road/TT – aero gains?  MTB- power and control? Gravel-endurance and comfort?
  • Record . We’ll record the setup from your current bike, so we know where you are starting from.
  • Check. We’ll check that your curent setup is within basic guidelines for your discipline.
  • Enhance. We’ll make or suggest small changes to your bike setup which will improve comfort or performance
  • Equip. We’ll explain how to make small changes to your bike setup, and give you a plan of the changes you should make.
  • Review. We’ll review your bike fit after a period which allows time to adapt.

Whats the advantage of a Wattbike for bike fitting:

  • Wide range of handlebar reach & drop and seat extension and fore/aft.
  • 150mm Q-factor (stance width) same as shimano road, but can be increased.
  • Choice of road, MTB or TT handlebars, or even your own handlebars
  • Micro adjust saddle

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