Roller Training for Cyclists

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Rollers are great way to build specific skills and fitness at the same time. Cycling rollers consist of three rolling cyclinders, two of which are connected by a rubber drive belt.

Most rollers have no added resistance, so the resistance can only be adjusted by changing the tyre pressure or the gear of the bike.

This is the start of a series of videos on learning to ride rollers and improve bike handling skills.

Set-up your rollers

In this video I do not set up my rollers next a wall or doorway. This is mainly my own preference, I dont like have obstructions around me which could get in my way if i need to dismount, and I am capable of putting my feet down quickly. It is up to you whether the you set your rollers up next to a wall or not, however the method in these videos will help you to improve your starting and stopping technique by not relying on something to steady yourself on. This is how I learnt to ride rollers.

Set the length of you rollers correctly. The front axle should be directly above or slightly behind the front drum.

Set your tyre pressures correctly.  Start with higher tyre pressure (>100psi road bike) this will improve the stability of the bike/rollers making it easier to learn

Avoid distractions. watching TV on rollers is not a great idea, especially cycling races, guess what you will do when you watch the race go round a corner!

Tutorial 1- The basics in Flat Shoes

In this video I  take you through the basics of riding rollers starting off using trainers rather than cycling shoes.

Tutorial 2- The basics using clipless pedals

Tutorial 2 takes you throught the basics of using clipless pedals on rollers, the saddle is lowered and similar exercises are practised.

 Tutorial 3 – Progressing using clipless pedals

This turorial develops bike handling skills for riding out of the saddle and for changing hand and body positions.

Feeding technique

Encorporate this technique into your roller sessions, this will make it easier to feed using both hands in cycling events, particularly when surrounded by riders.

Roller Tricks

Just for fun! but no hands isnt really a trick!