Core Techniques Course


Core Techniques Course – 1 Day

These movement and bike handling skills are the foundation on which complex skills are learnt. This is not a ‘beginners’ course. During the course we will set exercises at a suitable level of challenge for each rider, focusing on the most important elements for the individual.

These are some of the areas that are covered

  • Weight shift – manipulating your body position and contact points to negotiate trail features
  • Spatial awareness – being aware of the trail ahead of you and how your bike and body will move through it
  • Cornering
  • Braking & grip
  • Pedalling and gearing
  • Bike setup – Suspension, Tyre Pressures, Bike Fit.

Course Prerequisites

You must be confident at riding a mountain bike on relatively flat paths, such as bridleways and blue graded trails. You need to be physically fit to ride for 3hrs.

11 year olds upwards. Under 16s must be accompanied to the session by an adult guardian.

What do you need for the course?

  • Mountain bike in full working order.
  • Helmet and gloves are mandatory.
  • Flat pedals/shoes are recommended if you have them.
  • Suitable clothing and a jacket- the coaching locations can be exposed and you wont be riding continuosly.
  • To have completed a rider information/consent form (a link will be given after payment)


Grenoside Woods MTB trails & Wharncliffe Woods meet at the Grenoside Woods Car Park postcode  S35 8RS

Parkwood Springs MTB Trail. Meet at the main entrance to Shirecliffe Road, S5 8XB Please Note The car park at parkwood springs is closed, so please allow time to park elsewhere and ride to the meeting location


9.30am to 3.30pm

Terms & Conditions for Booking:

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