Keiron Allison

(Whistlestop MTB Skills Course)

"Top course today with Michael. Really benefitted from having someone analyse my technique and show me the right ways. I feel like I've made progress even in the limited time and now I have the tools to take my riding to the next level."

"In January I set myself a target of being able to ride every red and black grade trail [at Bike Park Wales] by the end of the year. I've just ticked off the last two obstacles that were psyching me out! Big thanks to Michael at Rideabout for the skills course that set me on this path. I highly recommend him if you want to improve your mountain bike skills."

Jake Microid

(Private MTB Skills Session)

"Great session in Greno Woods with Michael today. We did the Core Techniques course, which was a great opportunity to focus on some of the fundamentals of MTB. Despite the group setting, there was lots of focus on individual needs, and it was helpful to see video footage of areas for development. Came away tired and muddy, but much more confident, and really looking forward to getting back out on the trails in order to put some of this stuff into practice."

James Burton

(Private MTB Skills Session)

"Great skills session today, i have learnt a lot from Michael who has a lot of knowledge and very useful trail riding techniques and exercises to help with what your trying to achieve. We mainly focused on body position & cornering and I certainly feel I have learnt a lot within a short space of time. Michael is very patient and nothing is to much trouble for him. A great coach who I would highly recommend."

Karen Brocklebank-Lambert

(Private MTB Skills Session)

"Absolutely loved this coaching course, very clear and understandable explanations, I could feel myself improving throughout the course, really enjoyed it and would recommend to anyone.

Great time today even in the rain. Learned loads more today. Great points. I even managed to get my big girl pants on and do the drop eventually, with the patience of Rideabout instruction."

Jo Shaw

(Private MTB Skills Session)

"Great skills course yesterday. Went back to basics to work on drops. Very well explained, Michael is very patient, and also did some cornering and techy descents (for me anyway), really enjoyed it got a lot to work on, now the practice bit comes in."

Rob Tomlinson

Road Cyclist

"Grand Canaria - Day 5 - Scott's final boot camp day 😂🚴‍♂️😂

One last big effort, 28/29 mile climb up to Pico De Las Nieves - great ride, tough gradients, variable road surfaces, but after over 3 hours of climbing, the views were spectacular.
You could see the Teide Volcano over in Tenerife, impressive stuff,
So over the 5 days, I’ve completed:
372.02 miles (598.70 KM’s)
42362 feet of climbing (12911.93 metres)
God knows how many energy bars and gels 😂

Scott you’ve put a great together, it’s been great plus a top challenge both physically and mentally and we got there in the end

Feet up time, food, sun, pool before flying home tomorrow night
Gran Canaria - it’s been a pleasure

Special shout out to:

First @rideaboutuk - Michael has been a brilliant coach for a while now and his training as got me this string, highly recommend him"

Phil McNamara

3rd Cat Vet Road/Circuit Racer

" So - I sat down with Michael from Rideabout as my new coach in early May 2018, and came up with a plan to start racing, and to get my 3rd Cat by August.

Michael put in place a strong plan to help me develop as a new racer, and gave me a great amount of advice, guidance and generally listened to me rant about my performance (or lack of!) as it developed. Along the way, my race results started to get better, and even taking part in endurance events I could see my times getting better consistently. Even when I wasn't sure if I'd get there, Michael kept me focused with solid advice and training programmes. He is an excellent coach!

I got my 3rd Cat licence - on target, 3 months almost to the day. So I want to thank Rideabout for the support and guidance over the last few months! I couldn't have done it without the excellent coaching, and you were right all along - you said the rewards of building performance and results would be worth it in the end!!"

Ed Bishop

Winner of Bath RC Junior National Race 2017, Winner of Surrey League 3 Day Race

"I have been coached by Michael for 3 years now, starting from when I was 15 and I have seen a massive improvement in my technique and results over the years. Michael has helped me progress from someone who knew nothing about bike racing to a confident rider and this has been shown through my race results and fitness tests. As a coach, Michael is very open and hardworking and always strives to achieve the best coaching plan for me. I have enjoyed working with Michael and would recommend him to anyone who wants to take their cycling further."

Andy Calladine

Vet Road Racer

"In 2015 I was looking into trying out road racing and realised that I needed to not only improve my fitness, but also need to look at my bike handling skills and technique. I contacted various coaches in the Guildford area and was impressed by Michael’s approach and ability to develop a training plan to suit my needs, while taking into account my busy work and personal life. He also run blocks of group training concentrating on specific road racing techniques and skills, these are well worth attending as they give you skills that you can use in races to improve performance.

I’ve been coached by Michael since March 2015 and the improvement of not just my strength on the bike, but also my bike handling skills, have improved dramatically. An example of this is when I competed Ride London in 2014 - my time was 5 hours 45 minutes - when I repeated the event in 2016 my time was 4 hours 34 minutes. 2017 I started the race season with a top ten at Thruxton in the Cat 4 race, and if it wasn’t for a bad crash in my next race I would have probably got close to achieving my goal of a category 3 race license.

I would thoroughly recommend Michael as a cycling coach, he has a very professional, diligent approach to his coaching and will provide honest feedback on what you’re doing well and what you’re not doing well. He also explores the motivational side which is very important and will set realistic goals of what you can achieve."

Greg Barber

Masters Road Racer

"I started being coached by Michael in December 2016.

As I have a demanding job, he has provided me with a weekly training plan, mostly based on Interval sessions on a WattBike. Sometime the training has to be revised during the week to fit any changes in my schedule. I have made significant improvements which were measured in Michael’s lab, on a regular basis. Michael has followed all my training sessions on Training Peaks. Michael is a committed and dedicated coach. I will not hesitate to recommend Michael.

Here's an example of my improvement:

Tour of Cambridgeshire results:

June 2016:
3:35 Position 81 out of 924
35 minutes behind the winner

June 2017:
03:13:12 Position 34 out of 950
21 seconds behind the winner"