Strength for MTB Classes


MTB Strength Classes

These sessions are designed specifically with mountain bikers & cyclists in mind. But you dont have to be a mountain biker for these sessions to benefit you!

What can strength sessions do for you?

Stronger & fittter – strength training will make you fitter & stronger on the bike. Improving your abiltiy to ride for longer & faster (both uphill & down!).

Reduce injury risk – both day to day niggles and injuries from accidents can be avoided with regular strength training. Shoulders, neck/back & wrists are all vulnerable areas for MTB injuries.

Improve your MTB skills – Many MTB riders struggle to improve due to a lack of fundamental movement skills. Specific exercises will improve your mobility, balance & coordination. This will help you to feel more ballanced & in control when riding.

Session description

  • 1hr strength circuit class max. 10 people
  • Mixture of weighted & bodyweight exercises
  • For 14 year olds upwards.
  • Run outdoors at grenoside woods.

What do you need?

The sessions are run outdoors.  Provided it is safe to run, they will continue in wet weather.

  • Waterproof (if rain is forecast)
  • Insect repellent
  • Normal gym stuff & outdoor trainers with good grip
  • A yoga mat (if you have one)