Training for Cyclo-cross, Gravel & Leisure Riders

Training programmes help all levels of riders improve their fitness, develop technical and build confidence. You dont have to be a competitive rider to benefit from a training programme.

I don’t use ‘off the shelf’ training plans, each plan is tailored to the individual to meet their goals. With proper guidance you can manage weight, recovery and avoid injury. 

  • Leisure/fitness riders
  • Cyclo-Cross racing
  • Gravel racing
  • Adventure and ultra cycling events.

With my extensive background in coaching & racing cyclocross. Competitive riders will receive sound advice on how to prepare for events effectively.

Your tailored training plan

  • Effective: maximise your time to be a stronger and more consistent rider
  • Goals: set progressive, meaningful objectives and see the results
  • Fitness: build aerobic and muscular fitness to feel fit all round.
  • Strength and conditioning: use cycling-specific strength plans to build power and endurance, and to avoid injury
  • Bike: optimise the set up of your bike and other equipment to feel comfortable & strong.
  • Recovery: balance the physiological stress of training with sleep, wellness and wellbeing
  • Nutrition: choose the right nutrition to fuel your training and manage weight

(for competitive riders)

  • Skills: hone the discipline-specific technical skills through your training
  • Tactics: build tactical awareness to exploit your strengths in races

Strength and conditioning

Strength training is useful for mountain bikers, to build robustness & movement skills. Strength plans can be included in all packages. To receive a plan riders are required to take part in a face-to-face strength training session - this is to check your technique and ensure you’re approaching the plan safely.

Coaching process

  1. Consultation: discuss goals, fitness levels, performance and current training challenges
  2. Benchmarking: establish a baseline for your current performance and set meaningful objectives
  3. Individualised training: coaching is delivered using Training Peaks, alongside face-to-face coaching and virtual support.
  4. Evaluation and results: monitor progress according to your objectives, informing training and technical/tactical guidance.

My racing credentials

I have multi-disciplinary race experience which I bring to life through coaching. Read more about my race experience and results.



Per Month

  • Training Plan in 2 Week Blocks
  • 1 Custom Session per week
  • Fortnightly Training Review
  • Basic Strength Plan
  • Plan Updates Changes
  • Session Feedback Analysis

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Per Month
  • 1-2 Week Rolling Plan
  • Custom Sessions
  • Anytime Discussion&Support
  • Bi-Monthly Strength Plan
  • Updates as Required
  • Feedback on Technical Sessions
  • Face to Face Training/Coaching
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Per Month
  • All elements of Advanced
  • Monthly Face to Face Coaching/Testing/Training Session
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