Mountain Bike Skills Courses

Sheffield & The Peak District

Course Dates Open For Booking (private bookings also available):

  • 10th July Pumping, Jumping & Berms - Parkwood Springs
  • 17th July Whistlestop Course - Grenoside Woods
  • 7th August Core techniques - Grenoside Woods

The Whistlestop Skills Course - 1 Day

In this course we will take a whistlestop tour of all the key areas of mountain bike skills. This will help you to highlight what techniques you need to focus on and give you a feel of how MTB skills coaching will benefit you.

  • 2hrs Core Techniques
  • 2hrs Pumping Jumping and Berms
  • 2hrs technical descending

          Core Techniques Course - 1 Day

          These movement and bike handling skills are the foundation on which complex skills are learnt. This is not a 'beginners' course. During the course we will set exercises at a suitable level of challenge for each rider, focusing on the most important elements for the individual.

          These are some of the areas that are covered

          • Weight shift - manipulating your body position and contact points to negotiate trail features
          • Spatial awareness - being aware of the trail ahead of you and how your bike and body will move through it
          • Cornering
          • Braking & grip
          • Pedalling and gearing
          • Bike setup - Suspension, Tyre Pressures, Bike Fit.

          Pumping, Jumping and Berms Course - 1 Day

          These techniques are key to flowing through trails. In particular, man-made style trail centre tracks.

          • Pumping - Speed gain on trails is mostly achieved by pumping, this is key to learning to jump.
          • Jumping - Build on the movement skills of bunny hopping, to using your momentum to clear jumps.
          • Berms - by putting together cornering skills and pumping, you will learn to carry more speed through berms.

          Its recommended you complete the in-Depth Core Techniques Course, the Whistlestop Skills Course or a 1.5hr Private Session before signing up for this course. This will ensure that you get the most out of this course.

          Technical Descending Course - 1 Day

          Descending  at speed with confidence is what we all want to do, but it takes progressive work to get there. Using techniques learnt in other courses, we will develop context specific skills such as:

          • Control with limited grip
          • Flowing through rough terrain and rock features
          • Drops and jumps
          • Discipline specific tactics (Cross Country, Downhill, Enduro)
          • Very steep trail features

          Whilst we will never push you to take risks you are not comfortable with, this course will involve riding technical steep trails which are harder than many black graded trail-centre trails.  Its highly recommended you complete the Core Techniques Course, the Whistlestop Skills Course or a 1.5hr Private Session before signing up for this course.

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