Mountain Bike Skills Coaching

Why choose Michael Guilford for MTB Skills Coaching?

Michael is an experienced Level 3 (trainee) MTB coach (also Level 2 MTB). He has been learning mountain bike skills since 2008. He raced the national XC series for 4 years, and placed on the podium in national and regional races.

Why do I need skills coaching?

Mountain biking is a skill reliant sport. Learning core techniques such as cornering, braking and wheel lifts will help you on any terrain. It will also help you to progress onto more advanced techniques required to ride technical trail features and to race.

Wont I just pick up these skills through riding?

 You will probably pick up some skills through riding, but a lack of ability in one area of technique may hinder progression, or increase your liklihood of crashing.

What will Michael do in a skills sessions?
  1. Observe and assess the rider – you will be observed riding sections of trail or certain features
  2. Listen to feedback – usually the coachee is the largest source of information. Michael will listen to how you feel about the technique and what you are struggling with in order to find the best way for you to learn
  3. Coach – you will be coached you through techniques, using methods to best suit the individual and group.
  4. Explain and Summarise – we will give you something solid and memorable to take away from the session, to help you remember the technique and to practice it. This maybe videos or a written explanation of the technique.
I am mountain bike racer how can you help me?

Michael will coach advanced XC (or marathon) racers and beginner to intermediate downhill, enduro riders.

The technique used when racing is strongly tied to the psychological and phsyical elements. When Michael coaches racers, he takes a contextual approach to coaching. Particularly focusing on how you perform the techniques in a racing scenario, as well as looking at the trail features and techniques in isolation.

Where will coaching take place?

Coaching will take place on trails local to farnham. Michael has a good knowledge of trails in the Surrey, Hampshire area.


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